Headshot of Krystal Sobaskie, A young actress in her mid 20s. She has long brown wavy hair, wears a maroon knit long sleeved top with a scoop neck. She mysteriously looks at the camera with an air of danger and mystery.

Oct 2019 - Recording demos for The Eyes of Vienna by Joshua Cerdenia and Kara Cutruzzula

Oct 2019 - 4 Class Series with David Caparelliotis

Sept 2019 - Oct 2019 - Assistant Casting Director for TFANA on Fefu and Her Friends / dir. Lileana Blain-Cruz & Timon of Athens dir. /Simon Godwin

Sept 28th at 2PM: Concert Reading of The Eyes of Vienna with Across A Crowded Room at Lincoln Center’s Bruno Walter Auditorium.

Sept 4th, - Table Read with Arin Arbus, Reed Birney, and Linda Emond.

Sept 2019 - Joined Erica Jensen & Dani Super’s - She Collective

Aug 28th at 7:30PM: The Divorcee Shower, by Lavinia Roberts at Dixon Place: In the Lounge.

Aug 27th: Private Reading of a SciFi TV Pilot by Carrie Robinson featuring Kathleen McNenny

Krystal Sobaskie, an actress, poses for a portrait. It is in black and white and evokes an “old hollywood glam” feeling. She has straight brown hair, glances coyly up to the right, and wears a black dress.
Krystal Sobaskie, a New York City actress poses for a black and white portrait. She is about 26 years of age and beams at the camera in a loose fitting blouse with long sleeves.
Krystal Sobaskie, A New York Actress, poses for a portrait. The image is in black and white, she glances off to the side. She is a young woman about 26 years of age. She seems mysterious and cheeky.

An Interview

The artist has conducted a brief interview with herself in the hopes that you will better understand her tastes, background, and personal joie de vivre.

Krystal Sobaskie: Where were you born?
KS: Oh, do we have to start there?

Krystal Sobaskie: Well…?
KS: Alllright. K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base, Upper Michigan. We left when I was 6 months old and I spent most of my childhood ping-ponging around the Midwest. “Home” is NYC. A close second is Minnesota. My parents grew up there and I’ve often gone back to visit family. My Midwestern roots are strong. If you come over for dinner, you will leave with leftovers. Don’t argue.

Krystal Sobaskie: How did you start acting?
KS: When I was five, I came down with a case of the chickenpox right before the Christmas pageant. I was devastated. So I performed a song at the doctor’s office. The office clapped. Big mistake. I finished performing the program complete with encore. Gone were my parents dreams of my thriving veterinary practice.

Krystal Sobaskie: What are your interests outside of acting?
KS: Everything except for small talk. Fountain Pens. Pizza. Anaïs Nin. Politics. Scandinavian Humor — the drier the better. Baking Pies. Board Games. Inviting friends over for pie & board games. Astrophysics. Folk Music. Plato. Early to Mid 20th Century Poetry. Giving flowers to strangers just to see what they’ll do.

Krystal Sobaskie: New Car Smell or Old Book Smell?
KS: Old Book Smell. (Sips coffee, puts a rose on the table, smiles, and exits)

Portrait of Krystal Sobaskie. Closeup. Krystal wears a black v-neck tank top and stares into the camera. The background is interior and it is light and blown out behind her. Photo credit: Adam Chintz

The Work

Krystal Sobaskie is a company ensemble member & actor with two New York City based theatre companies: PopUP Theatrics, specializing in site-specific immersive theatre, and New York Writers Dojo, a scrappy group of writers and actors, many from the Wynn Handman & The American Place Theatre tradition, collaborating from the earliest stages of development on new plays.

She managed to (ironically) make her Tony Awards debut before her Broadway debut as part of The Great Comet performance in 2017. Her stage work includes Urinetown (with Andrea McArdle), Dress of Fire (with Austin Pendleton), and Our Town (with David Patrick Kelly). Krystal has developed work with Lincoln Center, The Lark, Primary Stages: ESPA, TRU, and Center at Park West and has performed in concerts at 54 Below.

Krystal trained with the legendary Wynn Handman, Austin Pendleton, and Rob McCaskill in New York City and earned a BA in Vocal Performance from the University of Connecticut. When she’s not performing you can find her around Broadway making theatre more accessible with Sound Associates Inc. and collaborating with AT Motion Center for Actors to integrate The Alexander Technique with the American acting tradition.


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