What "Gloria, A Life" at the Daryl Roth Theater Inspired

I saw "Gloria: A Life" tonight and it ignited a flame I've been dancing around with the #MeToo moment this past year. So much so I found myself with a microphone in my hand during our audience talking circle and it inspired me to write:

There is a moment.
When something
So terrible
To you
That you freeze.
This couldn’t be happening to you.
You stand there.
Unable to speak.
Unable to move.
Hoping it passes.
When it does
Eventually pass,
You’re confused.
That shame is yours.
Because you didn’t do something about it.
You couldn’t.
It’s your fault.
You silly girl.

This is my experience with sexual harassment.
My story is nothing remarkable.
It is a collection of these moments.
Moments that are all too common
And silently shared by many.

I can trace a number of these moments when I was made to feel less than. Not to the fault of the individuals, but the society and ideas that shaped them. These moments of mine vary in intensity and have taken anywhere from a day to 8 years to process. Some may have yet to even surface. I’ve started reclaiming myself and my femininity by learning through the stories of others that I’m not crazy and I’m not alone. It’s much bigger than any one of us. And there’s power in the collection of moments.

So over the next few weeks I’ll be writing and sharing them with you. Whether you’re on the accidental cause or receiving end of a similar moment, what I hope is that you know you’re not alone. Its not your fault. And that you can do something about it.

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