Across A Crowded Room: New Musical Presentation

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Across A Crowded Room

On October 23rd, 6 PM at the Bruno Walter Auditorium in the Lincoln Center, several teams of writers are presenting 20 minute musicals developed through the Performing Arts Library. Throughout the writing process these musicals were presented to Gerard Alessandrini, Sybille Pearson, and Michael John LaChiusa for feedback. Tickets are free. Admission lines form at 5PM. General Seating! Just show up.

Krystal will be performing the role of a semi-homeless woman in NYC who is struggling to hold on to her optimistic view of life in, A House Divided, by Anthony Uva and Nikki Raymond.   

Tickets are free and it should be a fun evening of original, world-premier works.

UPDATE: "Gina and Christina" is performinging First at 6PM!