Broken City: Wall Street -- 12 performances down, 18 performances to go

Krystal Sobaskie in PopUP Theatric's  Broken City: Wall Street.  News Coverage.

We're 12 performances down with 18 performances to go! One of our directors, Ana Margineanu, was interviewed by Metro New York (pic courtesy of Cameron Mason) -- you can see the full article HERE. 

There's also an article in Extended Play: PopUP Theatrics Ties Up it's "Broken City" Triology.

Peca Stefan and Tamilla Woodard were also interviewed by WBAI Radio (starting around (1:30:20)). These three fearless artists beautifully articulate why we do what we do and make me proud to be a part of this project. Check them out and get the inside scoop. You can buy tickets for our remaining performances HERE.