INSIDE with PopUP Theatrics

Krystal Sobaskie in PopUP Theatric's Inside at The Cathedral of Saint John The Divine. Site-Specific Immersive Theater in NYC

Inside, will be the third and final leg of the international trilogy that originated in Madrid in 2013 and continued in Bucharest in 2014. Two audience member are brought through the private rooms of a public space. They see the same events but hear different versions of the same story. 

We've crafted Inside around Madeleine L'Engle's library where she wrote "A Wrinkle In Time" at The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Tickets are available and selling fast.Come explore the distance between Truth and Reality.

For more details, check out NY1's video coverage of our show or our Press Release on
Below is a behind the scenes sneak peek into our production. Pictures courtesy of Kevin Goggin. Check it out!